IMG_0029In todays world of entertainment everyone has the ability to transform themselves into an icon yet only a few who make the attempt actually have the qualities needed to make a true impact in the industry or to even exist within its power structure.Needless to say,when it comes to singer & song writer Amina Bell very little transformation is needed.This natural talent from the city of brotherly love is a gift to anyone who’s afforded the opportunity to meet her acquaintance.Polite and well spoken this young vocalist breaks todays mold by remaining true to her heart and spirit and by employing a business before pleasure frame of mind,which is seemingly absent from the ‘Y.O.L.O” culture of todays youth.

Inspired by  a vast array of musician,performers and song writers,Amina is now enjoying her own musical journey.Working with different artist in the city remaining certain to allow herself freedom to experiment with multiple styles & genres, which has been proving to be beneficial to the exercising of her creativity and understanding of the recording  business.

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